3. Uncovering Ctrl: Teknokultura: “Vigilancia global y formas de resi…

    Uncovering Ctrl: Teknokultura: “Vigilancia global y formas de resi…: De vuelta. Nuevo curso y nuevos proyectos… Empezamos con buen pie. el monográfico de Teknocultura Vigilancia global y formas de resi…

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  4. "One" is their unit of "measure" — but its not. All social systems we’ve put into place are a mere sketch: "one plus one equals two", that’s all we’ve learned, but one plus one has never equaled two — there are in fact no numbers and no letters, we’ve codified our existence to bring it down to human size, to make it comprehensible, we’ve created a scale so we can forget its unfathomable scale. (…) Time is the only true unit of measure, it gives proof to the existence of matter, without time, we don’t exist. // LUCY (2014)


  5. THE WINDOW (1964)

    The moving camera shapes the screen image with great purposefulness, using the frame of a window as fulcrum upon which to wheel about the exterior scene. The zoom lens rips, pulling depth planes apart and slapping them together, contracting and expanding in concurrence with camera movements to impart a terrific apparent-motion to the complex of the object-forms pictured on the horizontal-vertical screen, its axis steadied by the audience’s sense of gravity. The camera’s movements in being transferred to objects tend also to be greatly magnified (instead of the camera the adjacent building turns). About four years of studying the window-complex preceded the afternoon of actual shooting (a true instance of cinematic action-painting). The film exists as it came out of the camera barring one mechanically necessary mid-reel splice. K. J.


    Projected light, the most basic ingredient of cinema, is hand-manipulated using a lens and spinning shutter to create hallucinatory optical effects.


  6. Bill Viola: Cameras are soul keepers

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  7. Pojktanten

    When I was a kid,
    I thought that snails changed shells.
    I thought it was a beautiful idea,
    changing your home, your exterior.
    The idea that your body
    wasn’t linked to who you are.

    I actually believed that
    up to now.
    I never realised that all those
    empty shells were dead snails.

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  8. Appligence

    Internet.org is a global partnership dedicated to making affordable internet access available to the two thirds of the world not yet connected.”

    Dystopia vs. Utopia; its tenants and lured users…

    as we communicate in a growing state of lonesomeness, we deceively feel “less dependent on a feed from eachother” - Antony Hegarty

    #appligence - Kembra Pfahler: which is a kind of grand ignorance that goes along with it, you have the grandiosity of “I’m so swift, I know how to do everything so rapidly on social media…” but there’s the ignorance not really realizing that you’re working with applications that were invented by people… (Antony) that you’ve been sold… and everyone is trying to swim with the tide but faster…

    (transcribed from the know-wave radio at Performance Art 101 conversation between Kembra Pfahler and Antony Hegarty: https://soundcloud.com/know-wave/kembra-pfahler-with-antony-june-25-2014)


  9. Cut! Reproduction and Recombination (A Kiss)

    A Kiss

    But there is an alternative interpretation.
    Let’s take a look at a differently postproduced image of cut and censored bodies. In the film ‘Cinema Paradiso’ (1988), a man watches a film roll made from the parts that a projectionist had to censor from fiction films. The result is a reel made of kisses that were too provocative to be shown in public, as they jeopardize ideas from family, property, race, and nation sustained by sexual norms and restrictions.
    A reel of ousted kisses. Or is it the same kiss passed on from take to take across different protagonists? A kiss that replicates, travels, spreads, uncontrollably; a kiss that creates vectors of passion and affect, of labor, and, potentially, violence?
    A kiss is an event that is shared and consists precisely of sharing, exchanging, and happening in between bodies. It is an edit articulating affect in ever-different combinations. It creates new junctions and forms between and across bodies, a form that is ever shifting and changing. A kiss is a moving surface, a ripple in time-space. Endless reproduction of the same kiss: each one unique.
    A kiss is a wager, a territory of risk, a mess.
    The idea of reproduction condensed into a fleeting moment. Let’s think of reproduction as this kiss, which moves across cuts, from shot to shot, from frame to frame: linking and juxtaposing. Across lips and digital devices. It moves by ways of editing, exquisitely flipping around the idea of the cut, redistributing affects and desire, creating bodies joined by movement, love, pain.

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